September 7

Parliament House and State Library Reflection


I thought that the Parliament House, State Library and the little scavenger hunt for the landmarks was AWESOME! I think my team (Matthew, Kirra.s, Daisy, Akuac) was good. We all had specific jobs. Mine was writing down the landmark facts, Kirra’s was the mapping, Matthew’s  was looking up facts if they were true and Daisy and Akuac’s was modeling for the photos.


I thought that the State Library was AMAZING! I loved looking at all the exhibits. My two favrouite ones was the Ned Kelly and the one when the Olympicss was held in Melbourne. I loved looking at the torch.
I loved Parliament house. One thing I learnt was that it was built during the gold rush and I never new the building never got finished because the government ran out of money.State_Library_at_Night

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