September 7

Resturant Review – D.O.C


  • By Jade Chan

  • Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 295 Drummond Street Carlton, Victoria, Australia 

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DOC is a nice and warming restaurant. DOC is an authentic Italian Restaurant. The seating arrangements are in a n
ice position so that you get a nice view of outside and everyone gets fresh air.


All the food there is all Italian so no Chinese or Greek, it’s all Italian. At DOC the food it’s very expensive but it’s worth it and the pizzas are huge! The DOC pizzas, pastas and gelatos are all made at the restaurant. All the chefs make all the pizza doughs and pasta doughs by hand.


I’ve only ever had the Margreta pizza but the crust is so light, fluffy and moist but still so crunchy. All the scrumptus cheese that the chefs put on it, melts in the mouth and is so stretchy. It’s just so delicious.
The first time I ever had a slice of DOC’s pizza I knew that I would want to keep comming back and I have kept on comming back. Apart from the fact that all the pizzas a hugh they are delicious. You can tell that it is very good food because it is always full and hard to get a table. If anyone asked what a good restaurant was I’d recommend it to anyone.

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