October 6

Term 3 Holidays!!!!!

On the first week of the term 3 break I went to Britannia Park for a Guide Camp. On the first night all the girls had to sleep in 1 house/cabin thingy because it was to windy to put up the Ace Tents (12 man tents). Then on Monday my sub camp did Orienteering and Low Ropes. On Monday we also put up the tents. Tuesday I can’t remember. The camp was African Themed. On Wednesday it was wet so we had to squeeze into a cork Tent for Breakfast. It was like a carnival because the first 5-9 Camp was leaving and the second 5-9 camp was coming. There were lots of activities – African Drumming, African Dancing, Basket Making, African Games, Mask making, Coffee Ceremony, Anklet Making and lots more. After the day was done we had a little Talent Show. My Group (Keelie, Ellen, Sophie, Sarah, Charlotte and me) did Cindersmella (The opposite of Cinderella). Thursday Can’t remember. Friday Packed up our clothes and other things. Saturday packed up 1 tent out of 6 tents. Then we had to go home.


On the second week of the camp I unpacked all my things. Then I read and watched movies all week movie. On Tuesday I went Keira’s house for a sleepover. We watched movies ate lots of lollies. On Wednesday we played on Keira’s Trampoline, let Billy and Muffin on the trampoline (Billy & Muffin are Keira’s Dogs), had a water fight on the trampoline, did art. Then at 3:30 I had to do home. Then Ruby came to our house for a sleepover with Scarlett (Ruby is Scarlett’s friend and Scarlett is my sister). Then on Sunday I read all day.


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