November 23

My New Website

Hi everyone,

So sorry i couln’t do a post for a while. I’ve had an amazing time. As an example I had school camp at Camp Rumbug. Anyway today I made a new site. It’s called Jade’s ePortfolio. The URL is here:

Me ePortfolio  will have all the work that I choose from throught the year. I really hope you enjoy it.

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1 thoughts on “My New Website

  1. scarlett

    i love your pets and their names
    like boo and poof at
    first i coul not find out how
    to get the food from that little sign at
    the bottem
    to them but i got their in the end
    it’s a great blog i love
    the set up
    i persalaly think it’s
    awsome so
    and this is from scarlett!


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