July 21

My New Series!!!

Hi everyone,

I’m back and welcome to my blog. Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while (Since 27/6/17). Much has happened since then. Anyway, I have found a new favorite book series. This series is the Tomorrow Series. The book are:

  1. Tomorrow, When the War began
  2. The Dead of the Night
  3. The Third Day, the Frost
  4. Darkness, Be My Friend
  5. Burning for Revenge
  6. The Night is for Hunting
  7. The Other Side of Dawn

Each time I start a new book in the  series I’ll  highlight the book I’m reading Purple. There are 7 books in the series. I hope you get to read the Tomorrow series.


P.S I put the books in order.

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5 thoughts on “My New Series!!!

  1. viviennel

    Hi Jade,
    Hearing about the series that you have read sounds interesting.
    Hear are some questions I want to ask you:
    -What is interesting about the books to you?
    -How did you get your hands on those books?
    PS:This is for our Literacy Grid
    From Vivienne

    1. Jade.C (Post author)

      Hi Viv,
      The answers to your questions are:
      What is interesting about the books to you?
      The books are interesting because they are about a war.
      How did you get your hands on those books?
      One word. Daisy.
      From Jade.C


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