October 26

The Witch Hunters Craft

The Witch Hunters Craft

By Jade.C, Keira.H and Vivienne.L

There once were twins named Hansel and Gretel.

Gretel owned a gun made of metal.

Hansel and Gretel found a house make of ginger and candy.

The witch who owned the house was called Mandy.


The wicked witch invited them in.

Hansel and gretel thought “This is such a win”.

Mandy locked them up.

And then offered them a dixie cup.


Gretel then remembered she had a gun.

She got the gun and shot which, she found it fun.


The witch was DOOMED.

Then they escaped from the house – Made of ginger and candy.

Then Hansel and Gretel scurried from the ginger house like a little mouse.

July 21

My New Series!!!

Hi everyone,

I’m back and welcome to my blog. Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while (Since 27/6/17). Much has happened since then. Anyway, I have found a new favorite book series. This series is the Tomorrow Series. The book are:

  1. Tomorrow, When the War began
  2. The Dead of the Night
  3. The Third Day, the Frost
  4. Darkness, Be My Friend
  5. Burning for Revenge
  6. The Night is for Hunting
  7. The Other Side of Dawn

Each time I start a new book in the  series I’ll  highlight the book I’m reading Purple. There are 7 books in the series. I hope you get to read the Tomorrow series.


P.S I put the books in order.

June 17

Earth’s New Moon!!!

Earth’s Has A New Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earth has a new constant companion. NASA explains this:

A small asteroid has been discovered in orbit around the sun that keeps it as a constant companion of Earth. It will remain there for centuries to come.

As it orbits the sun, this new asteroid, appears to circle around Earth as well. It is too distant to be considered a true satellite of our planet (a Moon), but it is the best and most stable example to date of a near-Earth companion.

“Since 2016 HO3 loops around our planet, but never ventured very far away as we both go around the sun, we refer to it as a quasi-satellite of Earth,” said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object (NEO) Studies at the Jet Propulsion LaboratoryImage result for earth's new moon in Pasadena, California.

2016 HO3 is the name of the asteroid and a quasi-satellite is something resembling a satellite.

I think that it is really cool that an asteroid has been part of Earth’s atmosphere for 100 or more years but was only discovered in 2016.

NASA Website


May 19

Our BIG Win???

On Saturday the 13/5/17 my netball team and I lost our netball game 11-13, but… we are 6th on the ladder and we won because we lost by two but, it is a BIG win because that is the closest anyone has ever gotten to beating them this season. It was an amazing feeling because the last time we played them we lost  23-2. So although we lost we still won.

  Image result for netball ball

February 23

My Busy Week 4

Hi everyone,

This week has been a busy and fun one. On Tuesday the year 6’s did a Leadership Day. We learnt a number of thing about public speaking and how to be a good leader. I learnt about the six ‘P’s for public speaking. They are, Prepare, Practice, Persist, Pretend, Positive attitude and Project voice. A student from Siena College also came to speak to us about her role as College Captain and told us the process on how she got it and what after school stuff she had to give up. The Year 6’s also had a free dress day. Later, on Thursday I learnt how to make a paper crane. How to make it is very difficult and I had to get help every time I made one. It has also been very busy because I have had to do Circular Relay Practice and dance and marching practice for Twilight Sports. It has been a very busy week.

November 24

Week 8 Term 4

It’s almost the end of the year! This week has been great. As I said in my last post I we learnt how to make a google site for our ePortfolios. Miss Emily also ran our art session for us and that was abstract art. I also finished my inquiry PLT (Personal Learning Task). The country I was doing was Cambodia and I learnt a lot about it. Cambodia is near Vietnam and Thailand. Miss Emily also does writing with us and she teaches us different types of poetry. We have done shape poems and that was my favorite type of poem. That was my fantastic week.


November 23

My New Website

Hi everyone,

So sorry i couln’t do a post for a while. I’ve had an amazing time. As an example I had school camp at Camp Rumbug. Anyway today I made a new site. It’s called Jade’s ePortfolio. The URL is here:


Me ePortfolio  will have all the work that I choose from throught the year. I really hope you enjoy it.

October 6

Term 3 Holidays!!!!!

On the first week of the term 3 break I went to Britannia Park for a Guide Camp. On the first night all the girls had to sleep in 1 house/cabin thingy because it was to windy to put up the Ace Tents (12 man tents). Then on Monday my sub camp did Orienteering and Low Ropes. On Monday we also put up the tents. Tuesday I can’t remember. The camp was African Themed. On Wednesday it was wet so we had to squeeze into a cork Tent for Breakfast. It was like a carnival because the first 5-9 Camp was leaving and the second 5-9 camp was coming. There were lots of activities – African Drumming, African Dancing, Basket Making, African Games, Mask making, Coffee Ceremony, Anklet Making and lots more. After the day was done we had a little Talent Show. My Group (Keelie, Ellen, Sophie, Sarah, Charlotte and me) did Cindersmella (The opposite of Cinderella). Thursday Can’t remember. Friday Packed up our clothes and other things. Saturday packed up 1 tent out of 6 tents. Then we had to go home.


On the second week of the camp I unpacked all my things. Then I read and watched movies all week movie. On Tuesday I went Keira’s house for a sleepover. We watched movies ate lots of lollies. On Wednesday we played on Keira’s Trampoline, let Billy and Muffin on the trampoline (Billy & Muffin are Keira’s Dogs), had a water fight on the trampoline, did art. Then at 3:30 I had to do home. Then Ruby came to our house for a sleepover with Scarlett (Ruby is Scarlett’s friend and Scarlett is my sister). Then on Sunday I read all day.