October 6

Term 3 Holidays!!!!!

On the first week of the term 3 break I went to Britannia Park for a Guide Camp. On the first night all the girls had to sleep in 1 house/cabin thingy because it was to windy to put up the Ace Tents (12 man tents). Then on Monday my sub camp did Orienteering and Low Ropes. On Monday we also put up the tents. Tuesday I can’t remember. The camp was African Themed. On Wednesday it was wet so we had to squeeze into a cork Tent for Breakfast. It was like a carnival because the first 5-9 Camp was leaving and the second 5-9 camp was coming. There were lots of activities – African Drumming, African Dancing, Basket Making, African Games, Mask making, Coffee Ceremony, Anklet Making and lots more. After the day was done we had a little Talent Show. My Group (Keelie, Ellen, Sophie, Sarah, Charlotte and me) did Cindersmella (The opposite of Cinderella). Thursday Can’t remember. Friday Packed up our clothes and other things. Saturday packed up 1 tent out of 6 tents. Then we had to go home.


On the second week of the camp I unpacked all my things. Then I read and watched movies all week movie. On Tuesday I went Keira’s house for a sleepover. We watched movies ate lots of lollies. On Wednesday we played on Keira’s Trampoline, let Billy and Muffin on the trampoline (Billy & Muffin are Keira’s Dogs), had a water fight on the trampoline, did art. Then at 3:30 I had to do home. Then Ruby came to our house for a sleepover with Scarlett (Ruby is Scarlett’s friend and Scarlett is my sister). Then on Sunday I read all day.


September 7

Parliament House and State Library Reflection


I thought that the Parliament House, State Library and the little scavenger hunt for the landmarks was AWESOME! I think my team (Matthew, Kirra.s, Daisy, Akuac) was good. We all had specific jobs. Mine was writing down the landmark facts, Kirra’s was the mapping, Matthew’s  was looking up facts if they were true and Daisy and Akuac’s was modeling for the photos.


I thought that the State Library was AMAZING! I loved looking at all the exhibits. My two favrouite ones was the Ned Kelly and the one when the Olympicss was held in Melbourne. I loved looking at the torch.
I loved Parliament house. One thing I learnt was that it was built during the gold rush and I never new the building never got finished because the government ran out of money.State_Library_at_Night

September 7

Resturant Review – D.O.C


  • By Jade Chan

  • Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 295 Drummond Street Carlton, Victoria, Australia 

Image result for doc restaurant logo

DOC is a nice and warming restaurant. DOC is an authentic Italian Restaurant. The seating arrangements are in a n
ice position so that you get a nice view of outside and everyone gets fresh air.


All the food there is all Italian so no Chinese or Greek, it’s all Italian. At DOC the food it’s very expensive but it’s worth it and the pizzas are huge! The DOC pizzas, pastas and gelatos are all made at the restaurant. All the chefs make all the pizza doughs and pasta doughs by hand.


I’ve only ever had the Margreta pizza but the crust is so light, fluffy and moist but still so crunchy. All the scrumptus cheese that the chefs put on it, melts in the mouth and is so stretchy. It’s just so delicious.
The first time I ever had a slice of DOC’s pizza I knew that I would want to keep comming back and I have kept on comming back. Apart from the fact that all the pizzas a hugh they are delicious. You can tell that it is very good food because it is always full and hard to get a table. If anyone asked what a good restaurant was I’d recommend it to anyone.

August 10

Sports Report – 4×100 meter Freestyle


It is the first day of the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. The record breaking Australian Swimmers for the 4×100 meter freestyle relay, Brittany Elmslie, Emma McKeon and the Campbell sisters Cate and Bronte break the old world (3:32.39) record and make a new one (3:30.65) and got the second gold medal for Australia. The amazing Australian girls broke their old world record in London 2012. The US and Australia has always had a rivalry in Swimming Men’s and Women’s.


Take Your Marks, GO! Before the race the atmosphere was silence, then BOOM the atmosphere changed. As soon as the first girls dived into the water everyone started cheering! Emma McKeon was the first swimmer for the Australian team. Emma was coming second bur on the tail of the US swimmer. Emma was so close to the US swimmer that she nearly got ahead. But the next US swimmer was first to jump into the water.


Next Brittany Emslie still behind the US swimmer Abby Weitzel in first place and Brittany in second place but catching up! Brittany needs to get in front of Abby. Coming second isn’t a place the girls aren’t used to after coming first, four years ago in London. After Brittany it’s Bronte’s turn.


Bronte Campbell dives in and is still behind Dana Vaulter (The third swimmer for the US team). After the tumble turn Bronte catches up to Dana Vaulter. Bronte gets in front and gets Australia in first place.


After it’s Bronte’s sister Cate Campbell. Cate dives into the water first. That means Australia is still first. After the tumble turn Cate brings it home! Australia beats their old world record 3:32.39 and makes a new one 3:30.65. WOW! This is Cate’s first of three events. The first one on the 11th of August (Thursday) and the 13th of August.


The Campbell sisters win gold together.


August 5


Hi everyone,

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for a while. Today I’m going to tell you about Ozobots. Ozobots are little robots that follow three colours and one shade. The colours are green, blue, red and the shade is black. If you put the colours in a curtain order it will do a curtain thing. With Ozobots you coan make different traks so the little robots can move.The Ozobots are so cute and I learnt a lot on new things.


June 15

My Picture book

Here is my picture book: Best Friends To the End!

The book is about two girls that are best friends and they can never be separated. One day one of the girls doesn’t want to go to a secret garden and the two girls had a fight. Then one of the girls finds a box and in the box there are two friendship necklaces. Then the two girls make up. But that’s just the summary. Hope you enjoy the book.:-)


May 26

Inter-School Sports

Hey everyone,

On Monday the  23’d of May 2016 all the  Year four five and sixers went to Bill Stuart for Inter-School sports. The athletics that I competed in were 800 meters and circular Relay. I came 3rd in 800 meters and my team for circular relay came 1ss. Overall for     Inter-School Sports for the second division St. Lukes came runners up in second Place.